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The tray type cable tray has the advantages of heavy handling, light load, large appearance, simple structure, and convenient installation. It is suitable for both the installation of power cables and the laying of control cables. The surface treatment of tray type cable trays can be divided into two types: plating and painting, and special anti-corrosion treatment can be applied in heavily corrosive environments. The tray type cable tray is equipped with a cover, and all accessories are common to the tray type slot type cable tray.
Tray type cable trays can be divided into perforated trays, non perforated trays, and assembled trays based on their structure.
(1) A perforated tray is a groove shaped component composed of a bottom plate and a side plate with holes, or a component made by punching and bending a whole steel plate.
(2) A perforated tray is a groove shaped component composed of a bottom plate and side edges or made of an entire steel plate.
(3) Assembled pallets are components that are connected to a pallet by bolts or plugs, which are suitable for any combination of perforated components on the engineering site.
They are all used for laying cables. When low-voltage cables and control cables share the same tray or ladder, a ladder or tray with a partition in the middle should be selected.
Are slot type cable trays and perforated tray type cable trays the same product?
Can both slot type cable trays and perforated tray type cable trays be used for laying power cables?
Both trough type through cable trays and perforated tray type cable trays can be used for laying power cables; The cross-sectional structure is just different.
Closed trays, uncovered trays, and ladders all belong to cable trays. The three types of trays have different structural forms and some performance differences. For example, the best protection is the trough type, while the worst is the ladder, but the opposite is true for ventilation and cooling.
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