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聯系濟南蘇鑫電纜橋架有限公司 / Contact us





聯系基地:山東省 德州市協同發展產業園D06幢


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◆ 模具
◆ Mold
The perforation process begins with precision mold design, and we believe that the quality of the mold largely determines the quality of the product. Therefore, in recent years, we have invested a significant amount of resources to significantly improve our modeling capabilities.
◆ 穿孔 開槽
◆ Perforation and slotting
We have advanced CNC equipment, and the system has high quality canned products with a production capacity of up to 2000. The thickness of the system's canned boards is between 0.1mm-25mm. Slotted holes can be circular, square, diamond shaped, and micrometer shaped. Ladders and channel trays with holes are usually opened in circular or square holes for ventilation and fixing operations.
◆ 切割
◆ Cutting
Cut the entire volume of the board into the dimensions required to make a ladder or channel cable tray.
◆ 切割邊緣
◆ Cutting edges
If the plate making process exceeds your requirements, our skilled technical personnel will assist you in removing excess edges according to your requirements
◆ 將穿孔板
◆ Insert the perforated plate
We can use a proofreading machine system to restore the original state of the perforated plate before it is deformed and bent into a tray form. A plate thickness of 0.8mm-12mm can be completely flat.
◆ 清潔的
◆ Clean
The piercing process requires the use of lubricants, but we also have a degreasing process that can remove surface marks.
◆ 成型件的生產與加工
◆ Production and processing of formed parts
In addition to ordering, we can also provide you with a series of subsequent processing, including: leveling, cutting, labeling, packaging, degreasing, shaping, annealing, painting, electroplating, welding, grinding, bending, rolling, etc.
◆ Surface treatment of porous metal cable trays: There are four types, including powder coating, galvanizing, hot dip, and anodizing. We can customize it for you.
Punching, the entire process of smoothing, can result in incomplete cutting and sheet metal surfaces, but these imperfections are acceptable in general industrial supply. If you have special requirements, we will take additional measures such as powder spraying or spray painting, electro galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, anodizing, etc. to prevent it.
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This article is dedicated by Shandong Cable Bridge Friendship. For more relevant knowledge, please click: http://m.geteluoli.com We will provide you with comprehensive services with a sincere attitude. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned
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