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聯系基地:山東省 德州市協同發展產業園D06幢


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Cable tray is a metal or non-metallic structure used to support and protect cables, usually installed on walls, ceilings, or floors inside or outside buildings.


Cable support: Cable trays are used to support and secure cables, enabling them to safely traverse various areas of the building. It provides a stable platform to prevent cables from being squeezed, broken, or otherwise physically damaged.


Cable protection: Cable bridges serve to protect cables from external environmental damage. The cable tray can lift the cable off the ground or walls to avoid contact with water, dust, chemicals, or other potential sources of damage.



Line management: Cable trays provide effective line management to help organize and organize cables. By arranging and designing the cable tray, the crossing, entanglement, and confusion between cables can be reduced, making the circuit clearer, easier to maintain, and troubleshoot.


Safety and fire prevention: Cable trays help improve the safety of buildings. It can keep cables away from flammable materials, reducing the risk of fire and safety accidents. In addition, the bridge can also provide appropriate ventilation and heat dissipation to prevent cable overheating.


Expansion and renovation: The design of cable trays makes cable routing more flexible and scalable. When cables need to be added, replaced, or moved, the bridge can be easily adjusted and changed to reduce interference and modification to the building structure.


In summary, cable trays are an important cable management facility used to support, protect, and organize cables, providing safety, reliability, and flexibility. It is widely used in various places such as buildings, factories, offices, shopping malls, and computer rooms.

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This article is provided by Jinan Cable Tray, and our website is: http://m.geteluoli.com We will provide you with wholehearted enthusiasm and welcome your visit!

工程案例 / Case Show
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