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聯系基地:山東省 德州市協同發展產業園D06幢


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Cable trays have three common functions: supporting cables, protecting cables, and managing cables.


Supporting cables and optical fibers is the main function of cable trays, such as grid trays using European welding technology, where each welding point can carry a weight of 500 kilograms of cables and optical fibers. Ladder type cable trays have good support for some large-span cable trays, so many comprehensive wiring systems with high load-bearing requirements use large-span cable trays.



The trough type cable tray has a fully enclosed structure, which can provide good protection for cables. Indoor wiring prevents electromagnetic interference and damage from ants and mice. The use of trough type cable trays outdoors can prevent damage to cables from natural environments such as lightning, rain, and snow. Not only that, the aluminum alloy trough type cable tray obtained by anodizing the cable tray made of aluminum alloy material has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, rust prevention, and high wear resistance, and is also one of the most widely used cable trays in China.


Management of cables, due to the open structure of cable trays, cables can be easily and quickly replaced and maintained whether they are installed in the early stage, added or maintained in the later stage. This is also an effective solution for the electrification of modern big data centers.


In addition, cable trays have undergone special processes such as galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing, and fireproof coatings, making their functions increasingly powerful. They play a crucial role in dealing with various electromagnetic interference, fire prevention, dust prevention, and other environments. Cable trays are constantly being widely used in various industries.

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With the summary above the Jinan cable tray, I hope it can be helpful to our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click on our website: http://m.geteluoli.com Or call for consultation, and we will do our best to solve it for you

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